Ten Reasons To Consider A Maintenance Agreement

A maintenance agreement keeps your heating and cooling equipment operating at peak efficiencies. They also prevent major breakdowns.

Here are ten reasons to consider a maintenance agreement:

1. They Lower Your Utility Bills

When you have regular maintence, your furnace or air conditioner runs better during the times you really need it to. Extremely hot or cold weather is no time to test the efficiency of your equipment.

2. Extends The Life Of Your Equipment

It’s a fact. During extreme weather, the number one complaint from our customers is that their AC or furnace can’t keep up. This is usually because it needs regular maintenance. Air filters should be changed during extreme weather at least once every other month. Every month is best. Regular maintenance lowers the stress on your unit, and increases its lifespan.

3. Improves Performance

Yes. Because of regular service your equipment will perform better.

4. Ensures You Get Priority Service

When you have a maintenance agreement with us, your calls are considered our priority over all other calls. We stand by this rule.

5. You Get A 20% Discount On Repairs

If you have to have a repair of your equipment, we take 20 percent off your repair bill.

6. 5% Discount On All Equipment

If you have to replace your equipment you’ll receive a 5 percent discount.

7. Transfers When You Sell Your Home

A maintenance agreement transfers when you sell your home, and can increase the value of your home.

8. Offers Inflation Protection

The price you pay upfront covers the routine maintenance inspections and tune-ups twice a year. No increases, no surprises.

9. We’ll Remind You

You won’t have to stop and call us to schedule a maintenance call. We’ll call you to schedule, and we’ll even call you to remind you, and when we’re on our way. Just ask.

10. You’re Treated Like One Of The Family

Envirotech Heating and Cooling was founded on family values and principles. We extend this to all our customers. When you’re a valued customer, you’re also part of our family.

Call us to find out more about signing up for an ESA, or a Service Agreement 913-268-6700.

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