Which Heating System Is Right For You?

As another cold Kansas City winter sneaks up on us we will find that many of our customers are in need of a replacement heating system. Well how do you know which system is right for you?

There are several options out there from low efficiency models (that we will no longer be able to install in May 2013) to super high efficiency multi-staged units.

The first thing that we look at is sizing of the new unit, is your current heating system to big or to small for your home?  We can determine this by running a load calculation on your home.

The next option to consider would be how much are your utility bills? Just because they offer a unit with all the bells and whistles on it doesn’t mean that it is right for your home. The higher efficiency units cost more up front, however they cost less to operate so you need to discuss the payback and how long this extra cost upfront will take to recoup in utility savings.

Another consideration is comfort, the two stage furnaces will keep the house more consistent with temperature and the variable speed units will maintain a constant temperature and warm the home even more evenly than the two stage units.

Cost is also a consideration. There are several brands, models and efficiencies out there so make sure you purchase something that is in your budget. Most major manufactures offer rebates on their units as well so be sure and ask about any available rebates. 

Lastly and in my opinion the most important decision is the installation contractor, if a bad contractor installs a great furnace then what you end up with is a lot of headaches and a bad install. So make sure whoever is doing the install is licensed, bonded, insured and training in what they are doing. A bad install will not only cost you more in utility bills but it could also be harmful to you and your family’s health.