Not Just Comfort Experts, But Also Lifesavers

We definitely have had a crazy year thus far. It went from snowy cold weather straight into the hot Scott CPRhumid summer. This quick transition has been great for business and we have been working long hours to stay on top of all our customer needs. Taking care of our customers has always been our top priority.

One down side to being busy is that things tend to get put off or pushed back (there are only so many hours in the day). One item that was put off and that I felt to be very important, finally got worked into our schedule this week. I am happy to say that all of us here at Envirotech are now First Aid/CPR certified thanks to Lisa Sangster with First Aid KC.

I met Lisa at a networking event and after talking with her decided that having her come in to train and certify us was a must. On a personal note, I have not attended a first aid class since I was in Boy Scouts (many moons ago) so this was a great class for me. Lisa came to our office on Tuesday, and brought in adult CPR dummies, baby CPR dummies,  AED’s (Automated External Defibulators), first aid gear and a wealth of knowledge. She also informed us that we were one of the very few companies that has provided this type of training for each employee without it being required. She said that some companies (depending on the type of business) are required to train their staff, but we did this as a safety precaution and it wasnt required by any legal body.  I feel like by  attending this training we could potentially help save a co-worker, customer, stranger, family member or friend’s life. If you want more information on first aid training, I would highly recommend Lisa.  She can be reached at 816-888-5702, or look her up at

Thanks and have a safe day,

James Gallet