I’m Guilty

Well this summer has kept us quite busy here at Envirotech but today rather than talk about an energy, health or green topic I am writing about a topic that has nothing to do with cooling, heating, comfort or anything else related to work.


Instead I want to share a personal story that has really affected me. You see we all have heard our parents, friends, advertisements and so on tell us “not to drink and drive”, “wear your seatbelt”, “don’t text and drive”, “Blah Blah Blah” but until something hits close to home we ignore it or brush it off because, who are YOU to tell ME what to do, right?  Well I had one of those “close to home” not only once but twice now this summer.


Here is my story: in addition to being a busy husband/father, running a business and trying to be a good friend to anyone in need, this summer I have been training for the upcoming Kansas City Marathon in October. Well early on in my training I had my first run in with a distracted driver (you guessed it she was texting and driving). This isn’t the moment I want to let you know about though. The moment in which I want to bring to your attention was just a couple of weeks ago. Just to point out a couple of things I always run into traffic so I can see vehicles approaching me and if I run at night I wear a light and/or reflective gear.


I was scheduled to run 14 miles this particular Saturday and was a little over 12 miles into my day when it happened. The time was approximately 10:40am and up ahead about ¼ mile I saw a red pickup coming my way and it swerved just a bit. The first thing that went through my mind was that one of my buddies was getting ready to jack with me, but the truck didn’t look like familiar. Well the red truck kept on heading my way and as it got closer it started angling right at me. Still not knowing who it was I watched the truck get closer and closer without straightening back out onto the road. Well it never did straighten out and at the last second I bailed off into the ditch and the front passenger side tire of the truck went off of the road right beside me. The driver then quickly jerked the steering wheel and popped back up onto the pavement. As it turns out I knew the driver, it was a high school kid and yes he had his head buried and was on his phone (I am assuming he was texting). I was so close to being hit that if I hadn’t jumped in the ditch and just stopped the front fender of the truck would have been close enough for me to touch or would have hit me. After the truck passed me I jumped out of the ditch and ran up into the road and yelled out the boy’s name, he kept on going. I still to this day don’t believe that he knows what happened and haven’t seen him to share my story yet. The entire event happened in slow motion and seemed to take forever just like the movies portray. If I think about it I can still see the truck swerve towards me, the kids head down and then his front tire fall off the pavement into the loose gravel/grass as I jump out of the way in great detail.


This small event changed me; I was very shook up afterwards and can’t stop thinking about what might have happened. “I’m Guilty” myself of texting and driving and in the past would think nothing of it as I changed lanes unexpectedly or swerved off the road for a bit, but after this day and this “close to home” experience I stopped and I am now innocent.


Nothing in life is worth more than life itself. There is no need for us to be driving while reading all the lies on facebook, following tweets, looking at the latest instagram pics, texting or whatever you are doing. This all can wait! So please share my “close to home” experience with others in hopes that maybe it will hit a heart string with a few people and possibly spare at least one persons life.




James Gallet

Husband, Father, Son, Brother, Friend, Coach, Business Owner, Runner & (you pick your title because we are all something to someone).




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